Thrust Roller Bearings are composed of ball bearings supported in a ring. They can be used in low thrust applications where there is little axial load. It is divided into three types:
– Cylindrical Thrust Roller Bearing: They consist of small cylindrical rollers arranged flat with their axes pointing to the axis of the bearing.
Brand: NTN, SNR

– Tapered Roller Thrust Bearing: They consist of small tapered rollers arranged so that their axes all converge at a point on the axis of the bearing. The length of the roller, the diameter of the wide, the narrow ends and the angle of roller need to be carefully calculated to provide the correct taper so that each end of the roller rolls smoothly on the bearing face without skidding.
Brand: HHC, NTN

– Spherical Roller Thrust Bearings: They use asymmetrical rollers of spherical shape, rolling inside a house washer with a raceway with spherical inner shape. They can accommodate combined radial and axial loads as well as misalignment of the shafts. They are often used together with radial spherical roller bearings.
Brand: HHC, NTN

Relevant thrust roller bearings:
– Standard and Inch Series
– AXK – AS – WS – GS – AZK – K81100 – K81200 – K89300
– 29200 – 29300 – 29400

Brand: HHC, NTN, IKO